Great meeting @CrisNannarone at @tabardinn to shoot an episode of @CMTbestinchow. @luchauer and @fischooler are looking forward to being #donut judges on the show. (at Hotel Tabard Inn, Washington D.C.)

Great meeting @CrisNannarone at @tabardinn to shoot an episode of @CMTbestinchow. @luchauer and @fischooler are looking forward to being #donut judges on the show. (at Hotel Tabard Inn, Washington D.C.)

At the third and final stop of the DC Donut Crawl, District Doughnut will have some incredible doughnuts for our crawlers (or should I say “crullers”) to pick from.

Brown Butter: A technique of French patisseries: cinnamon dough, lightly tossed in cinnamon sugar, with a nutty-but-sweet Brown Butter icing drizzled on top.

Dulce de Leche: An inspiration from their founder Juan Pablo and his Argentine roots: fresh vanilla bean dough, filled with dulce de leche pastry cream, dipped in dulce de leche and sprinkled with coarse sugar.

Key Lime Pie: A tropical paradise daydream: lime dough, filled with a fresh key lime curd, topped with a key lime glaze and tasty graham cracker streusel.

If you’ve read this far without drooling all over your keyboard or mobile device, give yourself a pat on the back and a gold star for self-control. Heaven only knows it took me far too long to write this post because I kept staring at the photos.

"Mmm, donuts." - Homer Simpson

Important Information Regarding Capital Bikeshare Requests for the DC Donut Crawl

We’ve had a couple of questions about the free Capital Bikeshare memberships and I wanted to clear up any possible confusion.

First, it’s important to understand how the Capital Bikeshare system works. With each Capital Bikeshare rental there are 2 costs:

Cost #1 - Membership

This determines how long you will have access to the bikes. Memberships come in values of 1 day, 3 days, 1 month, and 1 year. Each membership level has a different cost. 24-hour memberships cost $7.

Cost #2 - Usage

Once you’ve obtained a membership, the first 30 minutes of every trip are free throughout your membership period. Trips beyond 30 minutes will incur usage fees. Please review the Capital Bikeshare pricing model for details on usage costs. While nominal, they can add up over time.

So to be clear, Capital Bikeshare has provided free 24-hour “memberships”, but you will still be responsible for any standard usage fees during your membership period. That said, it is possible to avoid usage fees by taking out a bike and returning it to any station in under 30 minutes, then repeating that process for the entirety of the crawl.

I know this may not have been everyone’s understanding when they signed up for the Bikeshare membership, so we’ve partnered with Bike and Roll to provide DC Donut Crawl participants with a significant bike rental discount. Your rental will include a hybrid bike, a helmet and a bike lock all for only $25. That’s a savings of almost 40%! Click the link below to reserve your bike rental now!

Anyone who reserves one of these bike rentals can pick up the rental at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Public Library (901 G St. NW) between 9-10am on Saturday and keep it until 4pm.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for any miscommunications regarding the Capital Bikeshare passes. Hopefully, their cost structure has been made more clear. Additional information can be found at