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Learn to «read» opponents’ Subconscious

Poker gamers room

In a $2/$4 Texas Maintain’em sport, the “small blind” is $1, and the “big blind” is $2. Blind bets are reside, genuine money bets, and when the betting arrives round to them, they have the option of folding, checking, contacting or elevating. In basic blackjack, each player as nicely as the Home, is offered the […]

A Short Guide for Beginners

Time to casino adventure

If there is one thing in life that I have come to know very well, it’s that nobody has any freaking clue how slot machines actually work. Or, no one has had a confident enough answer to sway me. Either way, I have a feeling this may be true of others, which is why I’m […]

Vegas trip report: April 2018

Let me get this out there early: I’m a cheapskate. Especially on solo trips like this one, the cheaper I can make my Vegas trip, the better, as long as I’m not sacrificing time. Also, I get antsy staying in one place too long — I always want to go! go! go! to the next […]

Sometimes Even Monday is a Good Day …

Poker with friends

(Originally, I was going to call this post “Passover, Nearly Las Vegas Style,” since we’re in Henderson, and while Sunset Station is a casino, with a buffet, and slot machines, and a comfortably wide bowling alley, we’re still in Henderson, even though we’re very close to Las Vegas, down the street. But casinos and buffets […]

I Already Waited! Sit Back, I Start

Earn your poker game

When the Casino is generously gives out free slot machine play, the amount depending on your level of participation the previous month, you have to think, ‘Why not drive?’. If I limit myself to playing only the credits they give me, 5-10 dollars at a time, I can easily cover my travel expenses to and […]